Sytske Woodhouse

Certified Professional Life Coach & Business Manager

Sytske grew up in an orthodox LDS home in Sandy, Utah. She began experiencing same sex attraction as young as nine years old. She chose to bury this part of her identity with a focus on obedience and serving others. She endured spiritual and psychological trauma due to her orientation being condemned by her family and religious community. In an attempt to combat the resulting shame, she scrupulously studied Jesus’ words and attended the temple often. Although this was ultimately a problematic approach, it built a foundation of faith that keeps her active in and striving to create safe spaces at church. Along her journey, she has been able to shift from a religious model of obedience to a model of integrity: one where there is no need to choose between being a faithful Latter-Day Saint and being an openly gay woman in a same-sex relationship. Sytske offers various methods and resources that help queer, LDS individuals heal this painful split and integrate these two identities into one whole, happy, thriving being. Her desire is to coach those striving to reconcile their support of or identification with the LGBTQ community while also continuing to nourish their faith and spirituality.

Sytske holds a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University and an ICF accredited certification from the Certified Life Coach Institute. She serves on the board of Emmaus LGBTQ Ministry, a group that assembles devotionals and retreats nationwide for queer Christians, their families, and church leaders. Through life experience, she is specialized in LGBTQ, faith expansion, differentiation of self, overcoming shame, communication in relationships, insecure attachment (anxious/avoidant dynamics), parenting neurodiverse children, and healthy boundaries. Sytske feels a deep conviction to now give her time and energy to guiding others along their path of healing and wholeness.

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