Lane Fischer, PhD, LP

Psychoeducation Facilitator

I was blessed in my early career as a psychologist in Minnesota to work under the tutelage of two gifted psychotherapists: Alan R. Anderson and Diane Dovenberg. From Alan I learned about the power of families and shame in people’s lives as well as the process of healing through grief. I collaborated with Diane in an innovative multiple-family group approach to treating families that had suffered incest. I saw people recover their lives from difficult histories. I primarily served children and adolescents in my practice in Minnesota and frequently focused on responding to child sexual abuse.

In my academic work I have focused much of my writing on the spiritual aspects of psychotherapy. I am grateful that Jennifer and David invited me to help develop the spiritual components Hope Recovery& Healing. My working definition is that “spirituality is the consciousness of victory over self and of communion with the infinite”. I know that a loving, divine influence can quietly enter the therapy process to help us.


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