Jennifer Dobberfuhl-Quinlan

Co-Founder & Program Director

A Wisconsin native, Jennifer grew up in a large family with 4 brothers and one sister. She has always found great strength and connection through family ties. As a young child, she experienced sexual trauma which continued on through her college years. Over time, she found healing and recovery through a variety of eastern and western therapeutic interventions. In addition to her personal journey, several of her family members and close friends have been affected by traumas, addiction, and mental illness. 

When Jennifer entered a residential treatment center for suicidality, she returned home and found the gap between residential and “normal” life to be overwhelming. This simulated in her a desire to increase access to education and intensive therapeutic programming. Though she had worked in education, program administration, and foreign language learning for decades, Jennifer decided to change career paths. Seeking to bridge the gap she felt so deeply in her recovery, her hope is that clients will find this programming meaningful, inspiring, and life changing for their own paths to healing and recovery.

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