Jack Kettering

Clinical Director

I grew up in southern California, but have lived in several states. After completing grad school in Florida, I moved to Las Vegas to work with an outpatient youth treatment center. Several years later, I decided to move to Utah where I currently reside. I feel like being an “outsider” to Utah culture has given me a unique perspective and outlook. Now living here for the past few years, I have gained more of an “insiders” perspective. I share this, because I feel like it is important here in Utah to be able to find someone, especially a therapist, that can understand where you’re coming from. 

During my years as a therapist, I realized that something was missing to help transform someone that is suffering from addiction to be able to fully connect with themselves, develop their relationship with their higher power and navigate the waters of healthy personal relationships. Through my own life I have personally sought counseling for several things ranging from body shame and dissatisfaction to addiction, anxiety, depression and navigating masculine cultural norms. The depth and breadth of my personal life along with my clinical training and rich treatment experience combine to create a well-rounded, experienced therapist. 

Now I am married with children and I have reached a place in my practice where I feel like I can help others develop. In the most recent positions I have had, I really find myself being passionate about healing and the journey to healing. 

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