Services Offered


Individual Coaching

Our coaches are certified and trained a variety of methodologies, including DBT, CBT, and more. They are highly skilled and tailor individual coaching sessions to meet the needs and goals of each person.


Group Coaching

Group coaching is offered by special request only. Some groups are targeted for LGBTQ+ , spirituality, or development of coping skills. All coaching is designed to foster healthy paths to integration. Peers from group can be significant sources of strength and support. 


Classes & Activities

Our courses are eight-week programs which cover a specific curriculum, including spiritual discovery and awareness, positive coping skills, and LGBTQ+ affirming strategies. Our goal is that you will be able to learn more about yourself, develop coping strategies and useful skills, and strengthen your personal identity -- allowing you to better integrate this part of yourself into a fulfilling life path. 


Referrals and Resources

Our administrative team works to connect you with resources that make sense for your needs.  And if coaching isn't the right fit for you, or you're seeking additional resources beyond coaching, we will share any referrals and resources we can to help. Our goal is that clients never feel they are on this journey alone.  


Library and Handouts

Our clients benefit from access to a library of research, personal stories, and films that can help them feel supported and understand more about their path. Coaches will also frequently share handouts, worksheets, and other valuable information tailored to the interests and needs of their clients. These resources become part of your personal toolbox to help you on your path long after your time with Hope Recovery and Healing.

Our website offers curated resources, content, and connections. Reach out if you are seeking additional help; we may be able to connect you with nearby practitioners or additional resources.
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