Jun 8, 2021
Mental Health

New Podcasts on Mental Health in the Workplace

Hope Recovery and Healing Staff
What You'll Learn
Make It Happen! with Michelle McCulloughRelevant Leadership with Ty Bennett

Make it Happen! Podcast and Relevant Leadership Podcast were generous enough to interview us about mental health in the workplace during Mental Health Month. Check our our interviews and all the other great content these thought leaders have been covering in their podcasts!

Make It Happen! with Michelle McCullough

Michelle McCullough speaks on high performance and happiness. On May 18, 2021, we were privileged to be the focus on Episode 87: Noticing the Signs of Mental Health Challenges In Yourself & Your Employees. There can be a lot at play in the workplace, both for employers and for employees. This podcast hits on some major themes that can benefit both audiences.

Take a listen for yourself here!

Relevant Leadership with Ty Bennett

Ty Bennett hits on inspiration, leadership, motivation, and inspiring stories. On May 25, 2021, we spoke with Ty for his Episode 97: Mental Health in the Workplace with Jennifer Dobberfuhl-Quinlan & David Macfarlane. Ty is an author and thought leader and has a keen ability to capture insights and valuable concepts that can help anyone be more successful.

Take a listen for yourself here!

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Hope Recovery and Healing Staff

The team at Hope Recovery and Healing collaborate to help people find relief and heal from trauma, addiction, and other mental health struggles. They are hopeful people who are committed to helping others discover a path to wholeness that works for them.

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