Apr 7, 2021
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My Path to Self-Discovery

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Who am I?

My path to self-discovery is on-going, but there are a few key milemarkers that have changed everything for me.

Who am I?

My path to self-discovery is ever on-going. I don’t believe there is a point in one’s life (or at least for me) where you suddenly just know who you are. The “you” that you are looking for is already there but maybe unfolding little by little. Sometimes it seems foggy, confusing, or maybe you feel lost. I name these feelings because they are just a few I have felt at some point in my discovery journey. I first was able to see who I was a little more clearly during many events and times in my life but one that stands out was my Yoga Teacher Training.

I took my yoga teacher training the summer of 2020. It was a confusing time, with the start of the pandemic and plans and big dreams of mine being canceled or at best put off until the pandemic had subsided. Instead of pursuing my original plans and travels for the year, I took a local yoga teacher training. We had most of our classes outside instead of at the studio which gave me a sense of connection to the earth. The people I attended with were the people I needed in my life at that time, and I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

I was able to find something I love, yoga, and be able to pursue something outside of motherhood. It was something that let me shine a little more light on who I was. I also learned that I am more than someone who teaches yoga, or who likes yoga, or who is a mother, etc. A confusing concept (that sometimes is still beyond me and I am just grasping at the ideas some days) is that I am light, energy, love, and one with all that is around me. I am unique from everything, but I am connected to everything.

Knowing that I am a part of something bigger, knowing the light that is in me, and learning to connect the mind and body was such a big part of my continuing path to self-discovery. And now, that mile marker on my path of self-discovery gets to be something I do professionally. I love teaching yoga and having regular reminders of who I truly am. Who we truly all are.

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Sage Kenya Hebertson

Sage is a certified yoga instructor, located in Utah. After receiving her 200hr yoga teacher training certificate, she went on to study prenatal yoga and trauma sensitive/recovery yoga.

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